"Trust Your Creative Instincts"

(6 x 24 oil on panel)*

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2014 completes the "Four Seasons" suite!

The View Studio is forging ahead on all fronts. For this and next winter (2013-14), the physical site for the View Studio is split between the ArkAnglers fly shop on Hwy 24 S in Buena Vista, and the new studio. The remodel project is on track in it's fourth Winter and is up and running as a workspace for the larger compositions underway!

The cornerstone of the new works fell into place in February 2008, when, thanks to a random dream (imagine THAT!!!!!) Stuart was able to coalesce four latent ideas from his sketch book, into a vehicle for "The Four Seasons" series that had lain dormant for many years. By exploring the full depth of these 4 themes over the coming decade, Stuart hopes to find himself at a level of confidence and technical understanding that will allow the "Four Seasons" group to shine. Through a group of six shows spread over 5 years, viewers and fans will be able to follow the melding of dreams and action into a single story told in monumantal works.

A quick summary of the four themes is:

"Trout Fishing" - With a wink and nod to Salvador Dali's "Tuna Fishing", this is an exploration of the West through her lifeblood, the rivers and waters. By looking through the polarized, pop lens of flyfishing at the light, space, and contradictions out here, snapshot thoughts of a changing place emerge.

"Chess" - A simple, heroic game. The Queen is the most powerful piece on the board. The game ends when the King is dead. Any King who wants to stay alive keeps the Queen happy. This blueprint for modern relationships begs to be painted as fence or signposts across the vast American West.

"M&M"- This series is not for sale! Take a road trip around the changing West with Marilyn and Jim, the 20th century's best romanticized examples of what not to do with fame and fortune. The thrill of the open road, dirt pimps unmasked, casino living, strip-mined culture, and nuclear melts-in-your-hand moments create a treasure trove of ideas and bad puns.

"Dawn Quixote" - A theme begun in 1975, this is the blending of the tales of Icarus and Don Quixote as a bloodline, with the book to be written in the decade beginning 2014. The story will be illustrated by the paintings in this series.

 A full slate of exhibits for all these new works are being planned, with dates and sites to be listed here as they are firmed up. The View will continue to be available through this site and email addresses for Art and creative contact. We are the online source for the work of Stuart C. Andrews. His Oil and Acrylic painting, performance art, limited edition prints, and creative designs with a definite alpine flair will appeal to those with a desire to take home an artifact of mountain life. The View Studio will be a beehive of activity this year, with many new works on the easel for upcoming shows and series.

We are currently accepting commission work for 2014, with info on the Commission page to help you get started on your dream painting.

Stuart is again guiding Fly Fishing on the Arkansas & South Platte rivers and in the San Isabel National Forest back country in '14 for ArkAnglers of Salida and Buena Vista ( www.arkanglers.com ). His new river works and prints may be seen in the BV and Salida flyshops. In addition, He is authoring a flyfishing instruction book called "The Weekend Warriors Guide to Expert Flyfishing" in collaboration with a new guidebook series available through www.weekendwarriorsguide.com/ . The book's release date is still pending, but check here for updates. He looks forward to the creative benefits of another Winter at the easel and outdoors with the directions this will yield for his new work. This will enable the View to direct it's evolution in the coming years. Part of a thriving Arts community in central Colorado, the View is painting classes through CMC this Spring. The coming Summer and Fall will bring the busy show season. Include a visit to the Valley for your adventure recreation, travels, and looking for that ideal Art addition to your home or perfect gift.

Upcoming Events

 As the View heads into it's 20th Winter there is a major new body of work underway with Stuart's studio efforts. His work can be viewed at Riverside Gallery & Framing, 1st St Salida CO, Arkansas River Fly Shop on highway 50 in Salida, Ark Anglers Fly Shop on highway 24 in Buena Vista, during the Winter & Summer '13 - 14 seasons, as well as at these upcoming exhibits & classes.

Coming up in 2014-15:

Now-Nov, 2014 "Printsiples" Classic images in oil and prints on display at the Evergeen Cafe, Hwy 24 N, Buena Vista, where it all started 30 years ago.

October 23-November 8 2014 "Meditations at 60" CORE New Art Space, 900 Santa Fe Dr, Denver CO A look back at the power of the Muse over 4 decades of painting/sixty years of breathing.


Stay Tuned!!

More dates, info, and venues will be added as we navigate 2014.

If you would like to receive an invitation for these events please send your address to palette1@RockyMountains.net . It will not be shared.

Information on new paintings and prints can be found on the New Views page


"Can't See The Forest For The Knees"

(12 x 16 oil on panel) *