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Artist's Profile


(Self-portrait in charcoal)


" Curiosity and creativity are always aroused by the timeless nature of the high country and our headlong rush to contain it."

A life-long denizen of the Rockies, Stuart Codington Andrews invests his time in recording the impacts of the changes that are shaping the New West. A self-educated painter, his works collect dreams, the collisions between pop culture, manifest destiny, alpine life, and his own desperate romance with the mountains, all cleverly fused in oil, acrylic, mixed media, and performance.

Long an admirer of Magritte, Sargent, O'Keefe, Bierstadt, Dali, and Parrish, he has spent the past 24 years working out of his studio and gallery, training his skills to reflect and build upon the legacy of their efforts. With the help of careful mentoring by true Artists like Barbara Whipple, Arley Blankenship, and John Offerman, his now recognizable style finds it's way into collections around the globe. Choosing to focus on the mountains as a background for his Art as well as a home, the scenery merges with the surreal in his efforts to enlighten as well as entertain.

"Whether it is the figure, the landscape, or the artifacts that drive my compositions is relatively unimportant. What matters is the abstract or incongruous thought that can link tension with harmony, letting us for a moment, view life with a smile."


"20 years to be an overnight success" retrospective 2004


"A Matter of Moments"

(5 1/2 x 48" oil on panel) *


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"Caramel Gnawledge"

(12 x 24" oil on panel) *