"Dogstar" 1996


Classic Views



"Butterflies" 1977

"Still Life in Stuart" 2004

"Basically Beans" 1977

Since an early point in this journey, it has been evident to me that there is only a little time to be here. It is going by quickly and it is important to make the most of every age we are given. I heard once that one should stay busy, for it upped the chances of dying doing something you like. For 38 years, I have been trying to walk the walk; painting and living the dream of an artist. Every aspect of the work, from the power of romance to the pain of a bad pun has evolved as the brush has been moved to learn the craft. On this page are some of the ongoing marks in the trail, with their dates attached. I hope you will enjoy them, much as I do getting to make them. - SCA '07


Early Stuff

"Phoenix" 1975 (1st oil)

"Waterfall" 1976

"Cricket" 1977

"BBQ Ribs & the Psychology of Anger" 1977


Range Finders

"Funeral For A Friend" 1981

"Polluted Dreams" 1985

"Tore-So" 1986 performance piece

"Windmill II" 1986




"High Country Light"

"Return Of The Prodigal Son"

High Country Bank, Buena Vista, CO 1997


private collection 2004

"Reminiscence of an Average American Girl II"

"Women In Mining"

  Private Collection 2004

  National Mining Museum & Hall of Fame, Leadville, CO ( coll. w/ Susan Dunn-Grand Slamm Designs)2002


Bad Puns under Amazing Skies

"Safari, so good!" 1997

"Foam on the Range" 2002




"Light Rail III (Covered Tracks)" 2003

"Pier Pressure" 2003



"Light Show" 2004

"Plein Air Geometry" 2004


"You're So Vane" 2002


Quantuum Mythology


"Atom & Eve" 2004