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New Views

 The latest new originals and progress with ongoing series


The Land


"A Quiet Autumn Drive"

(22 x 44" oil on panel) *


The Flyfishing



(11 x 14" oil on panel) *

"Trout Fishing in America" series


The Dreams


"The Last Swallow Of Cappuccino"

(12 x 16" oil on panel) *

"Chess" Series


The Humor


"Matinee' Idyll"

(24 x 60" oil on panel) Drive-in series *

The Muse


"Names Of The Missing"

(30 x 48 oil on panel)


Upcoming/Ongoing Series & Projects


Four Seasons






"Trust Your Creative Instincts"

"Angel a Shavano"

(6 x 24" oil on panel) *

(18 x 24" oil on panel) *

A current series (2006 =>) examining the echoes of design in nature's annual turn, from the human form to ageless geology. A 5 year project including the Winter 2008 & Spring 2009 shows. The pinnacle is a 6' diameter oil- "The 4 Seasons" to be completed in 2010.




"Cloning around with Marilyn"

"Impressions of Morrison"

(24" x 60" oil triptych)*

(24" x 60" oil triptych)*

The first of the MM series, an exploration of the evolving New West through the eyes and legends of the greatest two icons of Pop culture and a favorite source of chocolate. Part of a recurring theme in the works & dreams.


Dawn Quixote


"The Windmill II"

"Last Knight, Daydreaming"

(30x40" oil on panel 1996)*

(16 x 20" oil on panel 2006) *

A series of dreamscapes interpreting Don Quixote's imaginary adversaries in the quest to earn the fair Dulcinea. Part of an ongoing group of illustrations and paintings for a future fantasy/adventure book to be written after 2014. Stay tuned as the plot unfolds in the coming years.